Caesar and sisters watching the Solar eclipse today: Aug 21st, 2017

Solar Eclipse seeing by Caesar and his sisters Maria-Anita and Helen. We almost miss it. But, in the last minute, Aline and I assembled a few glasses from discardable material and the children had (are still) fun by watching their first Solar phenomena. I hope you are had a good time watching the eclipse, are you?
Peace and Love,

CAesar on TV WXii News on Aug 18, 2017

Dear Friend:
I do assume that you got this news on Caesar from yesterday and today on  Facebook:
Here is his story on  from WXII TV,  today:
They did a very excellent job.
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Caesar playing Preludium and Allegro by Kreisler for WXii TV crew on Aug 16,2017

Here is Caesar a while ago today enjoying to play Preludium and Allegro by Fritz Kreisler for WXII TV crew that came to interview him here at his home. Such news will be aired on Friday morning by the TV.
We’ll also post a link here afterward — as soon as we get it —
for you all friends. Please, stay tuned.
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A wonderfull update on Caesar. Please read the post.

Dear Friends, supporters, followers, and fans: (please, read the whole post)
Here is another sample of our working with Caesar from yesterday. I do know that for many of you, it’s an expected trend whereas for others it would never happen. For my family it is everything.  Personally, I took it as my life by promising to this boy over three years ago that I literally would give my life for him, unconditionally, to bring him back. In deed, I had to disregard my career of a Dr. Neuroscients and subject to all kind of humiliation that undisputedly without such giving sacrifice Caesar was stuck on a bed or barely walking like a baby at our present. The payoff is here, friends! God is kiting. He is everything because without Him to fulfill us with Love to strengthen our weakness,  to work every day-by-day regardless and putting aside feelings (some quite totally silly billy things) that arise in a family under the crucial situation, none of this would be possible. It’s indeed a huge tough job that if we never undergo, it’s not easily comprehensive stuff! Equally important is the positive spirit of Caesar and his happiness that are part of Caesar personal: he is a really happy boy — one can say that it helps more than anything else: his inner force; without saying that Maria-Anita, as you can see on the photo, helps more than anybody else. He owns a lot to this sister best friend.
Of course, the music helps him too because he loves music as the most since he was a little baby. In part, it saved him once:  when he was in a hospital bed doing nothing after the last stroke (here is a National Geographic documentary about Caesar a few months later, 2014), the music was the only thing that once we put on beside him brings signal of life – it even scared some folks.
 Yes, offer courses our job is not done yet but we must be grateful for each (and this one is huge) positive step in a right direction: he has to have the bone marrow transplant in order to be cured of this crazy anemia –sickle cell – that he was born with, therefore be cured. We do hope that we’d be able to have the money needed to have it done no later than next year. He can’t stay, we can’t stay, under certain circumstances forever.
CAESAR’S 1ST DC/DVD PROJECT, YOU CAN HELP. It’s our new plan to make the money that will help with such live procedure costs: record a CD/DVD of Caesar’s music by December 2017 once he got to play well again. We are looking for sponsors/supports for such project. You may want help with it or know someone or company/organization. Please, contact us and be part of it.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you and stay tuned for other nice updates. If you share the post, it’ll help too.
With Love and Peace,

What is love!? Well, here is one simple example of it

What is Love!!?
Here is Maria-Anita helping Caesar yesterday after the routine exercises and before the bike ride. She is indeed a very pure and peaceful person we can image and in these days she got to be back what she has been done for about three years: being the best Caesar’s support. It’s very hard to imagine all the overcomes Caesar had without her help. We do love you so much Maria-Anita.
Have a wonderful day,

Caesar’s monthly blood transfusion and new project: Rec a CD/DVD

Dear friends, supporters and Caesar’s fans:
Here is Caesar having his monthly blood transfusion yesterday (Aug 10th, 2017)  at Lavine Children’s Hospital/Charlotte. He is watching his favorites cartoons while the blood is running. Such monthly blood transfusion is a medical approach aimed to avoid new strokes while his bone marrow transplant is not done.
He also had the 6 months Doppler (TCD) check up exam as well as Maria-Anita. Therefore I had to take my whole crew to the hospital. It’s was a very rough day.
We got back later and thanks to God everything was ok in the end. He woke up normally today and is playing with his sister normally right now. Watch him tomorrow (Aug 12nd at 6 Pm ET)  Live via his Facebook:
Caesar has greatly overcome the last stroke he had in 2014;  he is running and currently learns to ride a bike. He already attends the invitations to perform in many differents events in the US, inclusive in West Coast (California and Las Vegas/MGM: He’s free to travel to anywhere.
Caesar’s  CD/DVD project:  It’s the time to apply one of suitable (and feasible)  suggestions that one of you gave us a while ago: to record a CD/DVD of Caesar’s music (some pieces that he has been played as well as news ones) so that we’ll have a realistic plan to get the money needs to move ahead with this bone marrow transplant to which we do have everything except the money needs for it. Then, we’re currently looking for SPONSORS’ / SUPPORTS for this New England’s son  (Caesar was born in Providence/RI) project which deadline is for early of December 2017 once he is doing well — Caesar got to play quite well!. 
Again, do need such support ASAP from you. If you can’t help, how about you send this message to someone who may be able to help on it? It’s not much money we do need for this quick project.  It’s a very specific action that you can do for Caesar needs so that we’ll move more solidly to get his transplant done because though he’s doing well, we can’t let him under such uncertain (no provision date for when the transplant will be done)  thing of chronic blood transfusion forever. It’s working for temporary only. We must have a date for having the transplant done. It’s already 4 years on the road working on it. 
Thanks for the support and we looking forward to hearing from you,
Caesar Sant’s father: Lucas

Here is my crew help with the front yard working

Here is my crew getting dirty helping me and Aline on the working with our front Yard. They just had fun, a lot. Dont’ miss our Saturday Live (Caesar’s Friends Live Event) shortly today at 6PM ET. And share the link :

See you in a bit,
Lucas Sant

Saturday Live = Caesar’s Friends Live Event on this Sat 22nd at 6Pm ET.

Hello dear friends:

Just check on Caesar’s Facebook on this link for you watch our Live Event on this Saturday, tomorrow, at 6 PM ET. Don’t miss it.

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It’s our Live Weekly Event (Caesar’s Friends Live Event) that we started broadcasting for contributors, following, fans, and friends in general. In fact, several folks have suggested it to us back to a few years ago and now, fortunately, we are able to implement it. Every week you can see news behaviors, the evolution of the old ones, and more interesting: we can easily compare the evolution of current week with the last one. It’s a real thing: a live comparing.
Its main goal is to share the latest Caesar’s developments. We basically, moved out from a ‘lab’ (closed environment) where we spent roughly 3years –working with him as result of the last stroke (2014) — to bring him back. Now, with this Summer, though we are doing new exercises, we are reviewing some of the old ones and several we have not done for a year. More interesting, as his muscles got stronger, we see a fast muscle regroup so that ‘old’ exercises that at the first-hand sound totally off but just after a few minutes he remembers (his muscles) and things started working: the frightening behavior started going away.

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Caesar’s monthly blood transfusion today: July 13, 2017

Dear Friends:
Here is Caesar today at the end of his monthly blood transfusion today at Levine Children’s Hospital/Charlotte NC.
It’s getting so hard to find a good vein. As a result, he was picked several times in both arms. When it happens, he cried and gets sad too. Next month, it’s very likely that the IV will be put on his foot because his arm veins are getting hard to do that. In the end, we got the job done. We just got home from this very long and tough day. He is already now playing with his sisters. Thanks to God! Indeed children are = to God, and this boy is a real hero, gee!
Ah, don’t miss our Live Event (e.g., Caesar’s Friends Live Event) on this Saturday at 6 pm ET. We’ll do that via Facebook like the 1st one (the other 2 that we did via YouTube had a link that just didn’t work properly) and here is the link from his Facebook for this coming Saturday.
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Caesar performing in Virginia: the Heartfulness Meditation event_ July 13, 2017

Dear friends:

Here is Caesar performing yesterday (9th)  in Virginia on the Heartfulness Meditation event that has the Ambassador of Myanmar, Mr. Aung Lynn, as an honored guest. Thanks to Dr. Palli for arranged such a wonderful invitation.
It was another beautiful and well-received performance of Johann Sebastian Bach that everyone just loved it very much. Caesar was very lovely happy for this special occasion of medication celebration.

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Thank you,