Baby Helen 3rd BIRTHDAY celebration on Dec 8th, 2017

Dear Friends:
Here is a video of our princes’ baby Helen 3rd birthday celebration done on Dec 8th, though she was born on Dec 7th. It’s hard to describe this thing because first of all, it’s quite surreal to believe on this whole thing given what we have been undergoing. Watch the whole video and read the description for you see. Like and share it, if you feel good about it too.
Peace and Love,


Caesar singing head-shoulder-knees-toes in Chinese

Caesar & Maria-Anita 6yr ago singing in Chines head-knees-should_ MOV222

Dear Friends:
Here is Caesar & Maria-Anita singing head-shoulders-knees and toes 6 years ago in Chinese. Caesar was just turned three and Maria-Anita was 1. It looks like a long time ago. There were no complications/symptoms of the anemia at that time. He was always a happy boy as you can see here. Maria-Anita was copying him in everything. Now, it’s time for baby Helen does the same to Maria-Anita. The three play like in old times, and without electronics, even TV we don’t have it.
I missed that time when I used to leave my work a bit early pretty my every day, unbelievable tired, to take him (and later on, them) to either his Kumon (Reading & Math – 2x in a week) or to his violin lessons with HongMei Zhou, who used to speak Chinese words with him, though their cartoons always were in ‘foreigner languages’ like Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Greek, German: we started with Baby Einstein, when we were living in Caesar born city Providence, RI. Because Aline I were born in Brazil, then, we usually speak with them in Portuguese for they learn this rich Language, too. Therefore, I suggested since the beginning to do not wast time speak with them with our funny English. Now, they correct our ‘perfect’ English quite often (lol) and I’m wondering if it’s right … even baby Helen (still 2y-old) is already speaking a perfect English!
More importantly, learn those mothers/foreigners languages when we are children, and now with the availability of YouTube cartoons, things that’s sounds quite free, is a wise way to do. At one time, he was able to speak the same thing (even countings) in 7 different languages quite naturally. However, after the 2014 stroke, he forgot almost all: our focus was more on his recovery the basic functions. With a few exceptions, for Hebrew and Russian – many thanks to Mrs. Olga for voluntary once a week coming to help them on this matter. They particularly love the Russian and Chinese cartoons. They do anything to watch their favorite Russian cartoons.
Well, thanks again to Aline for remembering me this nice date. I hope you appreciate the sharing.
Love & Peace,

Caesar violin practice at home

Dear Friends:
Here is Caesar doing one of his hard working on his violin daily practice at home. Please, once again, don’t miss the opportunity to support his campaign fon his 1st CD that holds hope for we raise the funding for his bone marrow transplant.
Please, read the video description which geat aim is to answer a lot of questions about his violin practice a home. The bottom line is simple: doesn’t exist prodigy without a hardworking behind: Caesar just learns very quickly and I guess because of the love this business, therefore, his passions sometimes sounds like an adult profession, even with his practices. Then, as parents, we just have a huge responsibility to don’t let him behind, and support as much as we can. So, besides everything he has faced, you have to have something special supporting you to come back — that I call, Love, God!

Thank you very much,




Caesar playing Adagio by Albinoni 4 his 1st CD campaign:

Dear Friends: Here is Caesar playing ‘Adagio’ by Tomaso Albinoni for his 1st CD’s campaign: It’s just the 1st page of a whole new piece that he just finished yesterday. Now it will be polished for rehearsals and record level. The CD’s deadline is for this upcoming December. You can be part of it by doing a contribution (please check the campaign link above) or directly contact us. You can get several things back as a result of your contribution. The CD’s main goal is to raise funding for his bone marrow transplant as a realistic plan. 
Many thanks for several friendly instructors who have been helping him (Mrs. HongMei Zhou, Mrs. M. Sharpe, Mr. Matvey Lapin) in many ways. 
The boy is very happy and a proud for this hard-working, though there is a lot to be done and, again, you can help him.
Thanks a lot,
Caesar Sant’s father, Lucas 

Caesar finishing Adagio/Albinoni with his long-term teacher, HongMei Zhou

Dear friends:
Here is Caesar having a lesson a while ago today with our friend and his long-term violin instructor HongMei Zhou/”Teacher Zhou” (in fact, we do have a family relationship with ALL violin instructions that Caesar has had) who came over today – he hasn’t seen her for about a month. He pretty much finished a new beautiful piece: ‘Adagio’ by Albinoni. It just needs the final polishing for his 1st CD that will be recorded in this upcoming December. You can help him, now, please, to speed up this project.

After that, they all (Caesar, Maria-Anita, and babe-Helen) got crazy with “teacher Zhou” playing on the piano, hiding sick and after that going outside when Teacher Zhou was leaving — and then they were about to cry: the whole thing was too good …. but Caesar started playing with his new toy sword armor.

Now, they are still taking their nap (very late today, as our Saturday usually sounds like) and soon everyone will be watching the UFC.
I hope I won’t get any ‘illegal’ punch (back on the head) from my little baby Helen, today – lol.

Have a great weekend,






Caesar’s Annual Physical Exams and Vaccines updates today

Today was the Annual Physical Exams and Vaccines updates for Caesar. His vision and hearing are on super good as it always though he was scared of needles.

Caesar and sisters watching the Solar eclipse today: Aug 21st, 2017

Solar Eclipse seeing by Caesar and his sisters Maria-Anita and Helen. We almost miss it. But, in the last minute, Aline and I assembled a few glasses from discardable material and the children had (are still) fun by watching their first Solar phenomena. I hope you are had a good time watching the eclipse, are you?
Peace and Love,

CAesar on TV WXii News on Aug 18, 2017

Dear Friend:
I do assume that you got this news on Caesar from yesterday and today on  Facebook:
Here is his story on  from WXII TV,  today:
They did a very excellent job.
You are welcome to spread it with sharing with your friends as well as social media.

Caesar playing Preludium and Allegro by Kreisler for WXii TV crew on Aug 16,2017

Here is Caesar a while ago today enjoying to play Preludium and Allegro by Fritz Kreisler for WXII TV crew that came to interview him here at his home. Such news will be aired on Friday morning by the TV.
We’ll also post a link here afterward — as soon as we get it —
for you all friends. Please, stay tuned.
With love and peace,