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Please, give your kind support to help Caesar by donating at GoFundMe. He really needs it in order to keep his progress. Then, when the transplant comes, he will be stronger –very close to normal or even ‘normal’– so that the chance of a transplant’s success is even greater.

A Note From Caesar’s Parents

Thank You

Dear Friend,

It is never enough to say thanks to those who have helped you. Frankly speaking, in our current world where everyone is really busy trying to survive one way or another, somebody reaching out to help the others is a big deal. In Caesar’s case, without so many helpings he has received, it is not too difficult to imagine that we were not here with him walking and running, though not totally normal yet. He was there, far away back, maybe not even walking. Just imagine: he lost almost everything with the 3rd stroke in 2014, had to relearn all back since then. We could call it a miracle mixed with Love and hardworking. (It’s quite funny when sometimes you see people with doubts about what happened to Caesar not too long ago).

Then, your help has been directly related to his progress. I wish I’d be able to put it into better (e.g., magic and more blessing) words here for you. Sorry for my limited English, though.

Yes, there is still a lot to overcome, but we are indeed very lucky because he is a happy boy –the music/violin may play the main role in his happiness — as we all know, the state of happiness has the power to make anyone move ahead faster to overcome obstacles. Thank you for your help, he will overcome it. God won’t let us fail, thus we can not disappoint Him.

Thank you very for your part in his journey,
Caesar’s parents: Lucas & Aline

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